Holiday Food

Must admit I was a bit nervous about eating this hols, but Spain just seems to bring out the best in my limited repertoire – take it back to basics with a few simple basics and you can’t go wrong. Chicken and natural flavours. 

These babies have been marinading all day, one lot with garlic oil, ginger and lime, the other garlic oil and paprika #BBQ #spain #holidays (hubbies with onion which he misses so much so going for it with hot Spanish onion)

Looking forward to these #lowFODMAP #FODMAP


Breakfast today was simple but excited to find sin gluten bread for smoked salmon, who can resist those amazing lemons and a bit of black pepper 


Don’t worry even I didn’t have wine with breakfast, pic just for perspective you understand 🙂

Last night was tapas (when in Spain) the onion, mushrooms and chorizo was for hubby who still felt guilty for enjoying it – bless him. You can see how much healthier a few small dishes is better for our delicate tummy’s, filling you you up quickly when eaten slowly over a glass or two of vino…


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