Don’t get too disheartened, there’s always the Internet

Firstly, I just wanted to welcome new followers this week. I have to say the power of the Internet never ceases to amaze me! (I work in IT I shouldn’t be that over excited but it’s true, I do….)

So I just wanted to remind you, and maybe myself, that some days, no matter how good you think you’ve been you just can’t keep track of what’s caused your upset stomach ‘this time’. I probably did low FODMAP the wrong way round TBH. I didn’t have a dietician but thanks again to the power of the Internet I had researched about it myself after years of stomach issues and recommendations of others to follow it. Other FB pages and blogs I read everyone seems to be able to pin point exactly what they know causes their issues but I just haven’t got that good at it despite nearly 18 months in to the diet… Considering it’s not supposed to be ‘diet for life’ I’ve clearly not done it properly, or maybe like others I just can’t seem to reintroduce things consistently 😦

Recently I have been able to introduce small amounts of wheat, which mentally has really helped, finally fish and chips was back on the menu, horrah! Then I had it yesterday and boom! Running up to the 7th floor where the loos at work don’t get used much…! And again this morning I’m suffering for yesterday’s ‘mistake’ yet I’ve been eating it probably once a week for a couple of months with no issues.. 😦 


Women especially may need to remember other factors can come in to play, especially if you have other conditions. With me when my period strikes (currently every 3 weeks, nice) I don’t seem to be able to eat anything without issues. 
So if you’re feeling the same. Don’t give up, try again, maybe ask your doc for a dietician referral. Go out there, ask the Internet, research and keep trying. Tomorrow you may be back to normal so try and give your tummy a rest, eat small but regular meals drink lots of water and go back to sticking with what you know is safe. I wish everyone a gentle tummy day and if it’s as sunny where you are as its is here, go soak some up and relax…. I’m out for dinner tonight so wish me luck!

#lazyblogging Madhur Jaffreys roast chicken #lowFODMAP styley

I know I owe a few menu updates…

I keep forgetting to take decent pictures TBH. Then it smells too good and I can’t wait to eat it. How do all these amazing bloggers do it? 

Here’s one I did last week #lazyblogging.

Very easy to prepare, I prefer to marinade a while. I used similar recipe to Madhur as below but with garlic oil instead of garlic and I put the spices in a bag after rubbing it right in to the chicken.

Love my spice tray

Spices waiting for their tasty tatties

As serving, add a couple of spoons of the hot chicken juices to fresh spinach to warm, toss in with the potatoes at the very end.  

So I messed up and left the skin on – still fab but remove the skin and baste it loads!

Tuck in – Delicious!