#LowFODMAP Lily Lobster #autonomic #POTS #EDS

Tonight’s seafood celebration – Lobster, rocket, mayonnaise with lemon juice, vine on tomatoes and chips. what’s not to like to be beside the seaside?!

  Lily looking Just perfect

I love how so many beautiful flavours you can still get even on a restrictive diet.

Had a lazy day today,  on our long weekend break. Although broken up with two strolls to the shop or I’m sure I would have seized up completely by now. In between though I had two siesta’s… Oops. My poor hubby had to wake me 4 times to get me out of bed tonight after a couple of large glasses of bubbles at lunch and vodka!

Dangerous for me really nowadays, especially when it’s hot to drink so much as it all just triggers the POTS and clearly I didn’t drink enough water. I usually drink around 4 litres a day to help keep me upright. So all of the above was a silly combination, even worse I didn’t take my Midodrine in the afternoon which helps stabilise the low pressure.  

Tomorrow I will be building myself up (or giving myself another rest) before a busy Saturday evening ahead. I’m gonna get through this AND enjoy it. Looking forward to Kathy’s 40th followed by birthday celebrations with Paul and Clare.  I should sleep all of Sunday really but hoping for lunch with at least 2/3 of the kids.  It’s all go. I won’t let this poxy #EDS take my soul! (Remind me of this when I can’t get out of bed next week).

Am then on a course Mon – Weds and working either side. I suppose I should sleep well next week – I bloody hope so – typically when you need it most is when the adrenaline from autonomic dysfunction kicks in. So on a positive note a bit of sunshine and fun today has certainly helped me continue to relax. 

Back to the food….We had crab with salad for lunch. Now this is tonight’s dinner. A very satisfying treat!
  Lobster, chips and salad

Usually I’d boil the left over lobster shells and bits up – makes a great soup or stock.
Proteins like meat and fish done simply can give so much flavour and satisfaction and being low #fodmap and better for you than too many carbs, what’s not to like?!

Hope you all have a fab weekend x

Birthday seafood 💜

Happy birthday to me!!

I am certainly celebrating being able to eat as much seafood as I can today. OK so I couldn’t have the roll mop (with onion) and realised the anchovies were in garlic but to be fair neither are my bag anyway but the rest was lush and followed a delicious scallop starter.

Special thanks to my lovely hubby for introducing me to so much more lovely grub.   

Been to whitstable for this lovely lunch and to pick up a lobster and crab for tomorrow. 

  Lily lobster’s close up

  Now bring on the cockles!

I have been spoilt with a chocolate treat. Not very #lowFODMAP I know but having the odd couple makes them even more special 
 #oysters and #champagne #hotelchocolate

Quickie Pasta glamour shots

Whenever I’m stuck for an easy but tasty meal my ‘go to’ is a simple gluten free pasta dish.

I tend to use up what’s left in the fridge so haven’t given measurements as you can throw in pretty much whatever you fancy.

Last night I cooked;

  1. Cook GF pasta. Preferably not anything too big (spaghetti or tagliatelle (sad I know but it’s annoyingly breakable) I use shells quite a lot or twists.
  2. The left over butter I’d made for the day before’s lemon chicken (butter, garlic oil, parsley and lemon juice) 
  3. Drop of garlic oil
  4. Chopped chorizo (managed to find some with no garlic in Waitrose bloody #lifechanger I love chorizo, remind me to do my chicken and chorizo). 
  5. Added a bunch of green of spring onions cut small. 
  6. Followed by plum baby toms in quarters
  7. Up to half a jar of pesto (check ingredients in jar) Sacla is low FODMAP but I don’t add that much.
  8. Chop loads of basil for right at the end (I love adding spinach at that point too usually) occasionally add peppers maybe some other veg. Whatever you fancy. Chilli makes it way more fun!
  9. When cooked, (mix pasta well without killing the starch vibe completely it sticks together bad) Save a tablespoon or two of starchy pasta water to mix through with the sauce and pasta. Add herbs as above 
  10. Spinach and some Parmesan maybe a glug of good olive oil, salt (especially #EDS #POTS ladies don’t forget you’re extra salt) and black pepper
  11. Whack in to bowls and serve 

Bloody #tastylowfodmap   


Ok so I don’t take glamour shots of my food but meh! Who’s got time when you’re hungry and it’s hot?!

Tasty lemon chicken memories 

Many moons ago, when my kids were young,  I used to work in a local vintage Inn. As it was a short stroll from home it meant I also spent a fair bit of my time there even when not working.

They used to do a breadcrumbed ‘lemon chicken’ that the kids absolutely loved. So with eldest back from uni for the summer I decided to recreate one of her favourite dishes. 

Luckily it was very simple to do and she was delighted!

For the chicken

  1. 1 x chicken breast per person (sliced sideways to create two thinner pieces)
  2. Around 1 tablespoon of wheat / gluten free white flour (although that amount of flour even if ‘regular’ is technically still low FODMAP)
  3. 2 eggs beaten
  4. Salt and pepper 
  5. 2-3 slices of wheat / gluten free bread (I used the last slice and left over crusts, not so fresh is better)
  6. Zest of two lemons and juice of one
  7. Around 2 tablespoons of oil per batch 

For the butter

  1. 25-50g butter (preferably soft for mixing
  2. Half a tsp dried or fresh parsley
  3. Dash of garlic oil 
  4. Some of the juice of lemon above (note this doesn’t blend well so don’t worry if some runs away)

To prepare

  1. Put chips in the oven 😉 (you could have salad obviously but I’ve had loads lately and decided to be naughty)
  2. Whizz up the breadcrumbs on a mixer with the zest of the lemons, put in a large bowl
  3. Heat the oil in a large frying pan or skillet
  4. Dip chicken half slices in flour, then coat in egg, followed by the breadcrumbs (it helps to put the plates in order so you don’t get too messy)


  1. Add as many as you can fit flat to the pan
  2. While the first batch are cooking, mix the butter ingredients together and roll in grease proof paper to make a fat sausage of flavoured butter, put in the freezer to harden
  3. Turn the chicken over (max 15 minutes cooking time needed)
  4. Add further batches of chicken (cooked ones can sit in the bottom of the oven but you might want to turn it down)
  5. When all ready, add slice of lemon and slice chunks of the butter and put on the hot chicken to melt. 
  6. Enjoy!

You can always make a few extra and freeze once cooked lightly to finish in the oven another time. I attempted this but they got eaten before making it to the freezer!