Not lunch exactly #chiari #lowFODMAP 

When all you need to do                   is eat to down the drugs

And last thing on your mind is food Just pain relief and hugs

When Chiari pain is in your head And kitchen being replaced

When pub too far for legs of lead   Its ham and cheese with crisps to taste!


Just enough low FODMAP to line my stomach for the pain relief…

Hubby in the dumps

To all the amazing partners of those with chronic conditions…

Slip of the Brain

The hubby questioned me today, how come you’ve had this all your life but it seems to be worse now than ever?

Over the past 3 weeks it’s hit me hard with head aches and tiredness and I’ve not been a wife.

Sadly my hubby doesn’t take much notice of subtle changes, he’s a say it as he sees it kinda man.

I had to explain that since the head injury in may that things have got worse and a gentle reminder that I’m delicate and need a little emotional support.

But in the next hand I need to remember this is a marriage and I need to try and step up and support my hubby as well.

It seem not only does chiari malformation give you head ache and feeling tired it also wears on relationships and families.

Hats off to all partners that support us ?

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