Tasty #lowFODMAP blueberry and coconut muffins and a catchup

Sorry I’ve been sooo pants at posting anything lately. I’ve been signed off work since early December which you think would leave me loads of time to do this sort of thing but I really don’t know where the time has gone! Seems now I only have 3 things instead of 300 things to do a day I just, well don’t seem to have the time or energy somehow…. 

So a bit of what I’ve been up to then I will share my latest bake,  a rather good bake it is too but soooo simple and my excuse to have cake for breakfast – you can have muffins for breakfast right??

So as my Physio and hydro insurance sessions will be dwindling soon but I need to carry on with it for life (sad times but I’m over it – for now) I’ve been doing some Physio and going to the gym about 3-4 days a week doing my hydrotherapy in the large jacuzzi at the local Virgin. My lovely Physio Jane (specialist in EDS) managed to get me some more sessions but we thought better to space them out a bit now and I can go off and follow the way she’s shown me closer to home (hydro is at the Chelsea pensioners hospital in town and I’m so over the commute – although I feel so young once I’m there with the old boys….!) 

Check out my sexy pink new 0.5kg weights – yes my exercise is that lightweight but my connective tissue is crap so my muscles need a gentle approach alongside the heat of the hydro to help warm tight and spasming overworked muscles. You think they’d be super strong but it takes forever to build muscle, then it wastes away really quickly –  the virus that knocked me out for a week recently set me back weeks in muscle tone. It can be a tad frustrating! 
Sorry I digress….. So doing my hydro exercises in a jacuzzi is entertaining to say the least. In I stumble with two swim noodles, my hand paddles, a kickboard and my laminated sheets with all my exercises on them. I get some funny looks but as its a lot more ‘older’ ladies in the middle of the day they tend to not be too shy in coming forward asking ‘what have I done’. So at least I’ve been able to educate a few people about EDS (see my ‘about me’ for more info). I’ve found it quite enlightening listening to the old girls talk about their hip replacements and bad knees and the like while we discuss our aches and pains 🙂

I’ve been making sure I set my alarm every day (granted later than a ‘normal’ working day) so I’m in a routine even when I’m feeling proper crap. Being off has made a huge difference to many things, I feel like the old me again, I hadn’t realised what a miserable cow I was becoming. I’ve been fairly steady and consistent with my exercise, I’m sleeping better (most nights) and as much as I could happily lay in bed all day given the choice I haven’t done (apart from a few particularly bad days) I’ve been cooking more, despite not getting round to writing about it, but being able to spread preparation over the course of the day with a bit of chopping here and there or marinading the day before, means I’m not getting too ‘tachy’ and then want to sit on the kitchen floor in a heap or too tired to enjoy it once I’ve cooked it.

So I’m realistic, I know it could all go belly up when I go back to work I guess but I’m hanging on to these last few weeks and hoping I can stay as positive once I’m back, I know it’s gonna be really hard. I’m planning a phased return and will only be part time now if I’m to keep up the good work with the Physio etc. I’m determined to look after my poor old body and mind, it needs a lot of TLC!

So to the bake…. 

I used this recipe http://www.fodmapfun.com/low-fodmap-blueberry-coconut-muffins/ 

Ok so they don’t look like muffins but I used muffin cases so they are bigger than they look – I would only do 8-10 max next time with the ingredients rather than split to 12.

They are super simple to do (I used an electric wisk but if you’re stronger than me (very likely) you should probably use the creaming method properly) main thing was – they’re really tasty 🙂

 My daughter took one to work for breakfast this morning and has told me I “have to make a batch every week”. Thinking of adding in banana to the next lot maybe, at least they might not make me feel so bad about cake for breakfast…..

Blueberry and coconut muffins Mmmm…