Tasty Salad when you’re just too hot too cook

When the last thing you can think about in this heat is standing and cooking, you can never go wrong with a delicious salad of spinach watercress and rocket leaves, few plum tomatoes, feta, crumbled pecans, avocado, fresh basil with a drizzle of olive oil and lemon juice. 

#LowFODMAP peeps go careful with the avocado #salad #salad #fodmap #toohottocook #sorted 

Tasty Pasta 

Mmm why is it when you’re home alone make a seriously tasty dinner no one gets to taste it freshly cooked?! 😡 

Just made this but #lowfodmap #fodmap #fodmapfree #lowfodmappedit version. I exchanged garlic for garlic oil, plum not cherry toms #glutenfree pasta and bit less butter, I also added spinach for the last few seconds @delicious #tastyfodmap am knackered now but was worth it #yum 😜 
Sorry lazy link but that’s how I roll… See below