‘Not’ following fodmap

Honestly, it really shouldn’t be that hard should it?I’ve been ‘low fodmapping’ for either 2 or  maybe 3 and half years now, I really can’t remember (Scuse the brain fog that’s another chapter) you really think I’d have learnt by now right?

Apparently not. 

I’ve been lucky I suppose. I bluffed it for a while tbh, my friend told me about FODMAP, printed me some stuff, I got confused, couldn’t understand it but read some of a book, googled a bit, downloaded the app and thought how hard can it be?  Even my Gastroenterologist (EDS specialist Prof Aziz) strongly backed low FODMAP for functional gut disorders like many of us with EDS, POTS and Chiari, oh and diverticula disease,  there’s more but you’ll start to drift off… So it’s clearly helping millions globally now so I thought I’d give it a go.

 I knew wheat was an issue when I started it but I hadn’t even thought of onion and garlic and how the hell can that much fruit and veg be BAD for you right? But at this point in my life long dodgy tummy troubles I’d started to not make it through to the main course at a Chinese restaurant without throwing up the starter or, well, lots of other stuff you really don’t wanna hear and if you’re reading this coz of the subject I’m sure you already ‘know’. So anyway, I knew I had to do something, on top of all the aches and pains and shitty symptoms of my conditions I figured this might be something I could finally maybe help to control.
 Once I got well established in the FODMAP way and felt the benefits (not spending quite so many hours leaving my poor hubby waiting at the table in restaurants so many times or having to rush back to the room on holidays so ill from all the high FODMAP goodies) I thought I could manage things.  I often had early “I JUST WANT A TAKE AWAY” blunders of “I’ll be fine I’ve got to try introducing stuff” er…hem…cue rolling around the floor of the bathroom in agony. Yay go you; you won’t do that again in a hurry will you?

You’d think huh?

Well as you can imagine being a bit stupid and forgetful, this has happened many times again since as I sometimes have an ok week where everything in there just works, maybe, I get in to a false sense of security, i think I’ve been fine. I often have sweet and sour king prawns and they do it without onion or garlic so it’s a nice but potentially risky treat… but of course it has some wheat, then I can’t have that and not have king prawn balls….

Trouble is once you’re deprived yourself of the ability to just go for dinner wherever you want it gets frustrating. I’ve always loved eating out whether just with hubby or with the kids and other family and friends it’s one of my favourite things to do. So It got me down for a while but I can work round it now I just have to be careful. Sometimes you just have to go for it and hope for the best although restaurants all get the Gluten free deal, even people with seafood allergies or lactose problems. But FODMAP? Blimey that’s a whole other story to cope with but I can usually be ok if I can ensure no onion and garlic and a little wheat is ok. Trouble is even when you ask there’s often some onion power in something or you wonder did they check the spinach has no garlic (I can usually smell it a mile off now though!) but then I might have a quick nibble of the bread then a glass of wine then you get brave with the olives that may have been in with garlic but you’ve relaxed and thought I’ll be fine…. der; you’ve got no chance. 

It really depressed me for a while the whole going out thing being a risk or knowing I’d just get so knackered half way though you wanna go home or you’ll be knackered for the next day but I’m usually gonna be physically broken from going out anyway So i mostly now just get on with it. There’s no point getting down about it. TBH eating out and being ‘difficult’ seems to bother more of the others round me as no one really gets it and I think others probably think it’s just some fad to be difficult…so I end up feeling difficult or not asking /  pushing for things to be checked. I know it sounds silly but again probably another chapter!

Fodmap can be a real life changer for many reasons. Being in control and helping me to try new things at home has been great, knowing what’s in my food is a big plus but of course it’s all so much effort some, okay a lot, of days. There are usually a number of days every week I just can’t be arsed to stand up long enough to prepare anything.

 Anyway, I’m maudlin! Just letting my bad day / week  out. It’s been one of those weeks  (funny re reading this as I actually wrote it originally months ago and didn’t get round to posting yet last week was very similar! This being one of those game changer reminders where yet again I forgot that today was the worst possible day to eat anything ‘bad’ but just when I crave it! My body’s pretty much been on a long shut down this week, two days of migraines awful debilitating neck and hip pain (see chiari / EDS) all while / because of the Mental / pre menstrual physical days from hell so many with chronic illness / EDS suffer so much from. It’s bad enough for most women without the other shit but for us spoonies it seems to tip us over the precipice of pain and tears.

So of course I thought sod it im having stuff I want but if course here I am, stomach exploding, bloated, pots symptoms going mental all week, below was just before my HR rose to 140+, my head starts immediately pounding in agony, blurry shaking feeling sick and have no choice but to sit before I fall 😦 

Arrggghh some days life’s a bitch!
Dont worry kids You don’t have to copy my way. You can be more successful with FODMAP. Listen to the advice of experts and look after your body!!


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