Plant based chorizo

Chorizo flavour is one of the few things I’ve missed since being plant based but of course it’s not the meat that tastes good just the spices you add. I could eat this stuff all day… so , er… I have! Not exactly 5 a day heroism going on here today. Just Potatoes 🤣

I adapted the below recipe very slightly using green of spring onion, celery and garlic oil but this was bloomin delicious hence the even more shockingly quick / bad pictures than usual 🤣 – all pretty easy throw it in a pot then cook

Roast chorizo mini potatoes

Added some of the chorizo mix to roast in the oven in garlic oil, with tiny unpeeled potato chunks

Chorizo crisps – Same mix with a good grind of salt once out of the oven. No picture, they were devoured too damn quickly

And a chorizo gnocchi

Just cooked some green of spring onion and celery in garlic oil, boiled off a small glass of white wine then added the remaining chorizo mix and a couple of fresh tomatoes chopped finely. Cooked a bit more and added some pasta water and the cooked gnocchi. Could have done with more pasta water probably

Off to lie down for the rest of the weekend but it was amazing and that’s two days in a row I’ve cooked! 🎉